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  • Circus Fans of America

    Circus Fans of America

    San Diego Circus Center had the honored opportunity to perform for the opening of the Circus Fans of America’s 2013 convention.


    Three of San Diego Circus Center’s acts performed at the event! Contortion, Hand to Hand and Chair Balancing! Thank you Don Covington for making this happen and your continued support of San Diego Circus Center!


    Video of the event!

    Photography of the event by Maura Leonard Photography and backstage photos by other parents!


    Performers with Jean-Luc Martin (Executive Director and Founder of San Diego Circus Center) and Don Convington (President of Circus Fans of America)


    Jean-Luc telling the performers that, yes, it is really cold and you are about to start a contortion number .. but.. pretend it is a hot summer day and you are sweating and warmed up!