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  • Smile TV & SD Circus Center

    Smile TV & SD Circus Center

    Smile TV visited San Diego Circus Center for two days this week! Prior to becoming the founder and executive director of SDCC Jean-Luc was a film producer and worked with one of the partners of Smile TV (Sherry Hursey: Home Improvement, Lillys Light) and during a recent conversation they embarked on an idea and this

  • Aerial Workshop

    Aerial Workshop

    A big part of SDCC’s mission statement is to bring quality instruction from professional teachers. Aerial Circus teachers  Carly and Ivan have been performing and teaching for many many years and we are so happy to have them back again to run an amazing workshop. This past weekend we had our second 3 day workshop

  • Union-Tribune San Diego

    Union-Tribune San Diego

    Could not believe it …Page two of Saturdays San Diego’s Union Tribune! I was nervous about the interview because I did know how my words would be interpreted but in the end it was okay. I am so happy to be where I am in life and feel like I am home .. as I