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  • Saturday Handstands

    Saturday Handstands

    Handstand classes at San Diego Circus Center are focused, engaging and difficult which brings results. At the beginning of every class students do their handstand warm ups: 1 minute handstand, six times with stretching in between. Then the class starts with designated exercises per each students needs. Jean-Luc is invested in every student.

  • Waldoni Circus Festival and Melo Nolander

    Waldoni Circus Festival and Melo Nolander

    Melo and her coach (Jean-Luc) started their journey to Germany  for the Waldoni Circus Festival not knowing exactly what to expect. We were all pleasantly surprised. Jean-Luc was approached by the organizers in 2014 and submitted Melo’s act and after calling a few circus friends in the UK for guidance he realized this would be