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    Today some of  San Diego Circus Center students, teachers and parents experienced an amazing performance of the Tony-winning revival of PIPPIN!  Thank you Broadway San Diego for the complimentary tickets. And a huge thanks to Gypsy Snider (the production’s resident circus creator) for making it all come together. Jean-Luc and Gypsy friendship goes back 20 years when he

  • Training with Pippin Cast

    Training with Pippin Cast

    San Diego Circus Center students had an amazing opportunity to train with two of the Pippin cast members, Anna Kachalova and Keven Langlois Boucher. Anna and Keven reviewed some of the movements they have been training with Jean-Luc and introduced a few new ones.  Thank you! A big thank you to Gypsy Snider and Terrance

  • Cyr Wheel

    Cyr Wheel

    Tuesday Cyr wheel class with teacher Gloria is always a pleasure to watch! Gloria is passionate about their progress and the students work hard!

  • Slack Wire has arrived

    Slack Wire has arrived

    Jean-Luc has been working on getting a slack wire at the Circus Center and it arrived a few days ago and today it was anchored and ready to go. When Brian walked in the Center, with a big smile Jean-Luc asked if he wanted to try it out and like kids in a candy store Brian and Jean-Luc set

  • Traci Taylor makes her Minute Handstand!

    Traci Taylor makes her Minute Handstand!

    Traci Taylor who’s company Arise Art Group designed San Diego Circus Center’s logos and the minute handstand shirt she is wearing has earned her ONE MINUTE FREESTANDING HANDSTAND SHIRT … YOU DID IT! … And she has the assistance or her little one in her tummy! We are so happy!!!

  • Las Vegas – wirewalking – Chinese Poles – Le Reve

    Las Vegas – wirewalking – Chinese Poles – Le Reve

    Circus Center Road trip to Las Vegas is well rewarded! Jean-Luc’s friend Nicky Dewhurst from Cirque du Soleil’s Zumanity coached tight wire walking with one of our students, Julia for close to three hours. Nicky and Jean-Luc performed together a long time ago in CDS’s La Cirque Reinvente. Nicky was very kind to lend San

  • Youth Handstands at Circus Center

    Youth Handstands at Circus Center

    Youth Handstand at the circus center happen a few times a week and they are amazing! The students are dedicated and focused! Jean-Luc always explains to his students that in order to succeed it takes patience and practice and it is his duty to supply a system that represents each students needs.

  • Chinese Pole class with Ehrick

    Chinese Pole class with Ehrick

    We are very excited to have Ehrick teach our Youth Chinese Pole class on Mondays at 6pm. Check our schedule to register!         

  • Russian Bar and Columns Class

    Russian Bar and Columns Class

    At the Circus Center we teach many disciplines and Russian Bar and Columns (3 highs) are on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays (check our schedule). Today was an action filled class. We are always looking for flyers and bases and working on developing an act. Please contact Jean-Luc at the Circus Center if you are interested

  • Summer Youth Intensive work with Spansets

    Summer Youth Intensive work with Spansets

    Our Summer Youth Intensive course cover many different Aerial apparatuses and today coach Isaac covered Spansets. Of course the students worked on their conditioning and flexibility.

  • Look Circus Center .. a plaque!

    Look Circus Center .. a plaque!

    Today the Circus Center received a plaque from Vincent Cotoir (former Ringmaster at Saltimbanco, Cirque du Soleil). He and I (Jean-Luc) have been keeping in touch over the years and Vincent is a big supporter of San Diego Circus Center. I first met Vincent when he was starting with Saltimbanco and I was either heading off on tour

  • Straps Course with Kylee Moats

    Straps Course with Kylee Moats

    Kylee Moats has been coming to teach every Thursday for our 10 week straps course and what an amazing opportunity for all of SDCC’s students and teachers. Thank you Kylee for being part of the Circus Center! If you are interested in her next Straps Course please CONTACT US Thank you Monica Lafferty for the photos!

  • Training hard at the Circus Center

    Training hard at the Circus Center

    Thursday was a busy and very productive training day! Thank you to our amazing teachers! Jean-Luc Marting (Handstands & Russian Bar), Dian Nissen (Trampoline), Kylee Moats (Straps), Jessica Avila (Flexibility). Kelsey Saake and Isaac Endo (Summer Camps), Melisande Martin (Camp assistant) .. Busy Thursday it was! ..   Thank you Monica Lafferty for the photos

  • Chinese Pole is UP!

    Chinese Pole is UP!

    Our Chinese Pole has been set up and we will begin classes soon! Thank you Roman for designing the mount and securing it to the building. Roman has been a big part of San Diego Circus Center with his carpentry and constructing skills!