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Handstand Online Training


Do you want to learn to kick up and hold a handstand? Maybe press up into one? Do you dream of one day holding a one-arm handstand? Or, are you training handstands on your own, and you’re just not sure what drills to perform, and in what order, to best develop the skill that you want? Jean-Luc Martin has taught between 3 to 5 handstand classes a day since 2008, and his students have ranged from absolute beginners to master hand-balancers. He’s developed specific drills tailored to each person’s flexibility, strength and technique level in order to help them reach their goals and potential. He’s helped students reach their first handstand and their first one-arm handstand.


As a result, students from all over the world travel to study with Jean-Luc, and after their visit he often sets up online program to assist their goals. However, you might not be able to train at the Circus Center. If that’s the case, Jean-Luc has an online program that has proven challenging and successful. If you’re interested in working with Jean-Luc, contact him now.


If you are interested in working with Jean-Luc remotely please request more information. Below are a few guidelines.

  • 3 month commitment (minimum)
  • Weekly correspondence via facetime or skype
  • Weekly customized training Programs
  • $250.00 per month
  • If 2 students are training together: $225.00 a month per student.
  • Please note: online training does not substitute hands-on coaching, but you will improve with dedication, focus and patience.

Contact Information:

  • Jean-Luc Martin
  • San Diego Circus Center
  • SERIES: Handstand Maker
  • CELL/FACETIME: Request
  • SKYPE: Request

“Jean-Luc has an incredible ability to pinpoint exactly where you need help in your handstands and adjust the training to target those needs. The video tutorials he sends you are detailed, creative, and clear, and the drills are challenging at exactly the pace you need. I highly recommend the online handstand training to anyone that doesn’t mind putting in the work.”
– Serena Tang

Aloha my name is Doug Meehan and I have been training hand balancing with Jean-Luc Martin via the internet for 2 months.  My training with Jean-Luc has been nothing short of astounding.  His attention to detail and ability to deliver the information needed to improve your practice is the best I have experienced.  Jean-Luc has always given me prompt answers to questions I have and is very thorough with what needs to be corrected via our FaceTime reviews of the weeks workout.  I highly recommend training with Jean-Luc if you are interested in  taking your practice to the highest level possible.

–  Doug Meehan



Jean-Luc is a phenomenal coach who truly understands the trial and tribunes associated with learning how to hand balance. In my experience with him through online and in-person coaching, I have seen that he tailors each individual’s program to iron out their weak points. He has helped better the practice of people from all different types of backgrounds, making his services suitable for anyone with a strong work ethic. What Jean-Luc will do for you is provide the proper progressions and guidance to achieve your goals whether they be gaining comfort on two hands or exploring advanced elements such as press handstands and one-armed work. Of course, much of your development relies on self-exploration and endless hours of effort, but working with an experienced teacher expedites the learning process. Teaching for so many years has given Jean-Luc insight into what works and what doesn’t work for different people, making him very good at locating what is necessary for improvement.


Online coaching is a suitable option for the motivated who want drills to work on; however, I’d highly stress stopping by the San Diego Circus Center to train in-person. Nothing compensates for working with partners, as they provide spotting and advice on form. Online coaching will allow anyone to improve, but it can be frustrating during the more difficult drills that have a low success rate without spotting. During my time with Jean-Luc in online coaching, I was constantly provided videos demonstrating drills to work on with detailed narratives describing form and what I should be focusing on. Jean-Luc always made sure to explain his reasoning and theory behind every drill, letting me know why I was working on the often-frustrating drills. We corresponded weekly through skype where we discussed the previous and next weeks’ programs, and he requested that I send many videos of the different exercises I worked on for him to critique my form. 


Jean- Luc helped me learn to hold a freestanding handstand for over one minute consistently, find control in various inverted positions, and start the initial work towards a one-arm handstand. I highly recommend his services to anyone with the motivation to better their handstand practice.      -Dylan Treger



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