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Below you will find many answers to questions that have been asked. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any further assistance.

How can I set up and manage an account for a child or partner

  • You can set up and manage multiple accounts for any children that you wish to book into classes or purchase me… CLICK HERE

How to change your payment details for your membership

  • From time to time you will want to change how you pay for your membership subscription… CLICK HERE

How to renew a membership

  • To renew your membership go your dashboard on goteamup.com … CLICK HERE

How to stop your monthly membership

  • If you want to stop your monthly membership for whatever reason do … CLICK HERE

How to upgrade your membership

  • If you want to upgrade your membership in the middle of the month… CLICK HERE

How to check remaining classes on my memberships

  • How many classes do I have left in my monthly membership cycle … CLICK HERE

How to export to your calendar

  • Export your upcoming registrations to your calendar… CLICK HERE

GO-TEAM-UP support page

  • MORE ANSWERS FOR goteamup.com … SUPPORT