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Our Story

Jean-Luc Martin, CEO and Founder of San Diego Circus Center, performed with Pickle Family Circus, Circus Knie and two international tours with Cirque du Soleil. Throughout his performance career, Jean-Luc specialized in Teeterboard (exits and Korean plank), Hand Balancing, Chair Balancing, Hand-to-Hand Adagio, Acrobatics, Russian Bar, Aerial Cradle, Group Bicycle, Group Juggling, Columns and Clown. He has trained with many masters in the circus industry including studying at École Nationale de Cirque in Montreal.

Jean-Luc began his own teaching career very early on but formally began teaching circus arts in San Diego in 2008. Recognizing the need for a comprehensive training center that upholds the highest standards of excellence, Jean-Luc founded the San Diego Circus Center in 2011. With a focus on cultivating talent and fostering creativity, the center has flourished under his leadership. Today, boasting a team of over 25 dedicated instructors, the San Diego Circus Center has garnered international acclaim as a premier destination for aspiring circus artists.

At the heart of Jean-Luc's vision is a commitment to providing a nurturing environment where students can explore a myriad of circus disciplines, from Handstands to Aerial Apparatuses to Russian Bar. As the program director, his dedication to quality education ensures that each student receives the guidance and support needed to reach their full potential.

From performer to mentor, Jean-Luc's journey is a testament to the transformative power of circus arts, and his legacy continues to inspire generations of artists at the San Diego Circus Center.

Our Mission & Values

At the San Diego Circus Center, we're committed to advancing circus training and enriching lives through contemporary and traditional disciplines. With a focus on higher education and professional programs, our inclusive, noncompetitive environment fosters personal growth emphasizing individual strengths. We also champion the joy of recreational studies, creating a vibrant community where circus arts inspire and unite everyone alike.


We are dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in every aspect of circus arts, upholding high standards in teaching, performance, and community engagement.


We embrace diversity and foster an inclusive environment where everyone feels valued. We believe in the power of circus arts to unite people from all walks of life.


We empower individuals to discover and develop their strengths within the circus arts aiming to build confidence, resilience, and a sense of personal achievement.

Saftey & Well-being

We maintain rigorous safety standards and a nurturing atmosphere in our training environments to ensure that everyone can enjoy the benefits of circus arts in a secure environment.


Collaboration, respect, and open communication are the foundations of our community-building efforts. We celebrate shared achievements, creating lasting connections.


We value education as a lifelong journey and encourage continuous learning in circus arts. We inspire a culture of curiosity and exploration, fostering a love for learning that extends beyond the classroom.

Our Facility & Equipment

At SDCC we take immense pride in the space we have built, how we maintain it, and how we continue to improve and meet the needs of our students.

"Everything is so well organized, and so clean. This place has everything we need!"
- Beto Freitas, Cirque Du Soleil/The 7 Fingers

Facility Specs

- 10,000 sqft of mated space
- Dance room
- Weight room
- 60+ aerial points on 1/4" cable
- Three, 3 to 1 pulley systems for lifting
- Motorized winch for lifting
- 40 foot tumble track into foam pit
- 10 ½ and 5 ½ ft. trampwalls

- Lobby
- Bleachers/seating area
- Transitions into a stage with sidewalls and red curtains
- Full state of the art lighting system
- Full sound system that shakes the walls
- State of the art camera system for training
- Designated parking lot

Aerial Equipment

- Lyras
- Silks
- Static Trapezes
- Ropes
- Hammocks
- Straps
- Poles
- Bungees

- Triple Trapeze
- Triangle
- Cube
- Roman Rings

Ground Equipment

- Handstand Blocks/Canes/Chairs
- Juggling Balls/Clubs
- Cyr Wheels
- Unicycles
- Artistic Bicycles
- Teeterboards/Korean Planks
- Russian Bars/Acro Bars
- Russian Swings
- Trick Ladders
- Rolling Globes

- Chinese Poles
- Chinese Hoops
- Tightwires (spring-loaded)
- Mini Tramp
- Hula Hoops
- Launch Boards
- Professional Stilts
- Ballet Bars
- Rola Bola

Injury Prevention & Conditioning Equipment

- Foam Rollers
- Myofascial Release Balls
- Therabands
- Yoga Mats/Blocks
- Jump Ropes
- Stall Bars
- Cardio Equipment
- Pullup Bars
- Dumbbells and Plates
- Bench
- Squat Rack

Safety Equipment

- Spotting Belts
- Drop Mats
- Throw Mats
- Place Mats
- Spotting Blocks

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