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December 15, 2023 7:30 PM


PRODUCED BY: San Diego Circus Center

DIRECTED BY: Jean-Luc Martin

PHOTOS BY:  Melisande Martin & Rob Riingen

LIGHTING BY: Weegie Gueniot

SOUND BY: Dave Dewey

COSTUMES BY: Veronika Agle & Mara Martin

ACTS: Artistic Bicycle, Cyr Wheel, Unicycle, Triple and Duo Trapeze, Aerial Rope, Korean Plank, Handstands, Contortion, Tightwire, Chinese Pole, Aerial Pole, Lyra, Hula Hoop, Hand to Hand, Acro Chair, Silks, Tetterboard, Clown and Dance.

LEAD COACHES: Jean-Luc Martin and Lora Kapelczak

ARTISTS:  Addison Bowe, Annelies Lippman, Asani Valentino, Aubrey Lopez, Ava Kapelczak, Brian Ungar, Carina Novarro, Ceylon Harris, Cole Bennington, Darian Kaulahao, Emme Martini, Ethan McCormick, Finnegan Niles, Gabriella Castro, India Agle, Isabel Guevara Beltran, Jessica Dewey, Joel Castro, Matthew Gueniot, Mayra Navarro, Milica Hutnik, Nevaeh Bethoney, Peri Tart, Raven Witkowski, Reid Williams, Serendipity Fox-Smith, Sierra Strother, Skylar Coutinho, Sophia Layos-Wagaman, Tennyson Huntley, Tess Dufrene, Venus Walker, Veronika Agle, Zoë Flowers, Zoé Marchetti


December 15, 2023 7:30 PM

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