Cassandra Nelson




At an early age Cassandra Nelson fell deep into the circus world and never looked back. After training circus in her home state Minnesota for 8 years, Cassandra decided to join SDCC’s Preparatory Program in the fall of 2022.

Cassandra’s skills include a wide variety of aerial disciplines along with a solid knowledge of ground as well. Her small stature and love for flipping has given her an extensive insight into the world of being a flyer. Cassandra says her “biggest goal is to give our students a safe and enjoyable environment, where they can discover more about themselves and their body’s limitless potential through the circus arts.”


Duo-Trapeze Dance Trapeze Lyra Aerial Straps Tumbling Teeterboard Trampoline Hand to Hand Handstands Dance Clown and Character


San Diego Circus Festival 2023 - Vanguard Award for Duo Trapeze

San Diego Circus Festival 2023 - Audience Choice Award for Duo Trapeze

2022 Graduate of San Diego Circus Center’s Preparatory Program

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