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Lindsey Parker



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Lindsey Parker has loved circus and aerial arts since 2014, when she saw her first circus show and was inspired to learn. Growing up, Lindsey loved to dance both at her competition studio and with her high school's dance program.  While earning her degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at University of Arizona, she continued taking jazz and modern classes in the UADance program and realized she needed to pursue performing. She then moved to San Diego and has danced and performed ever since, including learning and performing circus arts.  

Lindsey continues to dance professionally today with the Seals Lax Dance Team, but her heart truly belongs in the air since becoming an aerialist and acrobat in Sea World’s Cirque Electrique (formally Cirque De La Mer).  For Lindsey, circus combines strength, movement, and passion to create a unique challenge that keeps her coming back to learn more and more. And she loves to share this challenge with others through her classes!


Aerial Silks Aerial Lyra Aerial Hammock Chinese Pole Dance


Sea World’s “Cirque De La Mer” & “Cirque Electrique”

Sirens Dance Team for the San Diego Seals Lax

2015 West Coast Aerial Arts Festival - 1st Place Open Solo Professional

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