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Lora Kapelczak

Master Aerial Instructor


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Lora Kapelczak is a Jersey girl and once competitive figure skater turned busy mom to 3 crazy circus kids, a Certified Circus Instructor from École Nationale de Cirque, a studies Personal Training  through NASM, and Certified/Licensed Massage Therapist with over 1000 hours of Massage and Pain Relief Education and is currently working on Majors in Kinesiology-Exercise Science, Nutrition and Dance. She has been coaching and involved with various adult and youth athletic, dance and recreational programs for over 20 years. Her teaching experience spans a variety of aerial and circus disciplines and encompasses levels from youth beginner to competitive and adult professionals. Lora’s cirque based teaching pedagogy for aerial acrobatics, integrated fitness, flexibility and performance conditioning focuses on empowering every age, skill and strength. Her approach is formulated to progressively transform their physique, body in space awareness and confidence for every type of student that in turn transforms their body and mind as well as makes them feel energized, powerful and alive! Her passion is to enhance each individual’s physiological and mental capabilities, develop personalized functional body strength and motivation that build’s a thriving confident performer and creative human being.



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